March 17, 2009

Presidential disappointment

I have been disappointed in presidents over the years—basically every president since Ronald Reagan has proven to be a disappointment. I chose to vote for a third-party candidate after George H.W. Bush turned his back on his pledge: "read my lips, no new taxes." Although I didn't have high hopes for Bill Clinton, his dishonesty before the grand jury was appalling to me and caused great damage to his credibility from that point on. George W. Bush was better than his father and way better than Bill Clinton, but was a huge disappointment when it came to certain aspects of his enforcement of the Constitution—thus showing that he lied when he took his oath of office.

But President Barack Obama has flung himself (and our nation with him) into such strong departures from his campaign promises that it boggles the mind. Never would I have thought such dishonesty could be so blatantly presented from the Oval Office without expectation of a citizen uprising.

I truly fear for the health of our nation. Unless President Barack Obama is stopped by Congress, by the people, or by God I think the final chapters of our nation are being written.

Let's pray that God will speak to the heart of our president and will draw him to the truth. And I think we should pray that our nation's leadership will begin to recognize again the value of honesty and truth.


  1. Just a reminder that we can't look to our government for honesty. The only thing true and Honest is the return of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ

  2. You're absolutely right, Chris. And your reminder is very important--especially during turbulent times.

  3. Richard, I'm so furious about wounded servicemen and women and the insurance issue I can't even think about it. He wants to save money by making those who have been injured in service to our country get their own insurance.

    I can't imagine a man being drafted into service (not volunteering), seeing combat, getting injured, then being given the boot like that. And for the volunteer force out there, they deserve better than Obama.

    Some insurance policies explicitly state they don't provide coverage for war injuries. By that time they are pre-existing conditions.

    He's a wretched President, just for this abominable suggestion alone.

  4. Lynn - I agree completely. I commented on Glenn Beck's 9-12 Project about this very thing. My suspicion is that Obama simply has no sense of responsibility for anything. So he doesn't see a need for the nation to fulfill its duty to our wounded vets anymore than he sees the need to fulfill his commitments in that video or the need to not cast the responsibility for his economic bailout onto future generations.

    I think he is the worst president our nation has ever seen. By far.

  5. Agreed. It's a lowdown, dirty, disgusting, disrespectful thing to do to those willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country, and who come away from service with injuries that need medical care.

  6. xxybermancer3/20/2009 2:24 PM

    It truly is disgusting how much we don't revere one of the few positive role models in our nation today.

    As GB pointed out a couple of days ago, our service men and woman risk their lives not only for their country, but for their team mates and themselves. They truly feel as if they are accomplishing something by being brought together in a military environment.

    Yet...we don't give them treatment for wounds far too often! But worse yet, I spoke outside of a grocery store nearly a year ago to a disabled vet. He was more or less severely psychologically hampered from the tortures of war. As grounded as he seemed, I could see nervous ticks and twitches.

    Its disgusting, but perhaps its not all bad. Do you think you could rally a bunch of people to attack American civilians with the way the military is being treated?

    And on another note, I always love to shake the hands of ALL our public servants. From the military to the ASPCA, people perform real risky business for the greater good.


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