July 21, 2013

Daguerreotype photography


hotography has experienced many changes as it has evolved from Thomas Wedgwood’s early experimental captures of light and shadow in 1790 into today’s high-speed advanced digital capture.

In 1826, Joseph-Nicephore Niépce captured a picture of the street from his window. That exposure took eight hours to capture and is considered the earliest example of an actual photographic image.

Niépce became friends with an artist named Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre. This artist grew very interested in photographic capture and by the time of Niépce’s death in 1833, Daguerre had learned quite a lot from his friend. By 1837 Daguerre had figured out a method by which images could be captured and produced consistently. This process known as the Daguerrotype consisted of treating silver-plated copper sheets with iodine to make them sensitive to light, then exposing them in a camera and “developing” the images with warm mercury vapor. This process allowed for the widespread production of photographs.

Now that almost everyone carries a high resolution camera with them in the form of a cell phone, these historic things are being forgotten through the ease of digital photography. But some hearty souls are helping to keep this history alive. One such artist is Dan Carrillo:

July 11, 2013

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July 07, 2013

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Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia.

July 01, 2013

A message from Pastor Gelina

FYI - for context

For those who are unaware of the context of this post: Dale City teacher charged with raping student

I am posting this private email from my father to help answer some of the questions that have arisen around the recent news of Chuck Stallard’s arrest. May God bring healing and justice to this situation.

Please pray for both the perpetrator and the victim(s). And may the name of Christ be glorified always.

Dear Rich,

Thanks for contacting us this morning to alert us about Brother Stallard's arrest.

Both of us are deeply distressed and disturbed by this news. He was a dear brother and a well respected teacher. But to tolerate such sin is to invite the wrath of God upon our school and the entire church assembly. Let's pray for him and pray much for his victims.

As you know, we were already in South Africa when this broke open. We had resigned in 1984 and left for the field in 1986. It was only in 1990 when we learned that he was fired because of his inappropriate behavior. We heard nothing more until this morning when you told us that this began in the days of my leadership at Evangel Baptist Church. I can assure you that had we known that this was happening during my tenure, I would have stopped it immediately. God frowns on any such evil. What is now known goes far beyond anything I had heard or imagined. Oh, how sad!

God bless!

Dad (and Mother as well)

Please remember that this is a personal email from my father to me after I had informed him of the situation. He was as shocked and taken by surprise as many of us in this situation and would probably like to address things much more deeply if he knew more details and had the proper forum to do so.

Under my father’s administration of Evangel Christian School, the school was fully compliant with local, state, and federal laws and pedophilia would not have been swept under the rug.