March 16, 2009

Christ - our Advocate

Dan Phillips, at Pyromaniacs, reported on a Philadelphia Conference on Reformed Theology session question and answer time that included the following question and Steve Lawson's answer:

How does Christ's intercession mesh with justification?

Satan brings charges against us before God day and night; and we have an Advocate before the Father, pleading His own merits on our behalf.

This may have been abundantly obvious to everyone else, but I was really struck with the truth of this statement and with the obvious departure from human advocates. Human advocates or defense lawyers argue the innocence or degree of innocence of their client.

But as Christ's clients we are as guilty as can be. So when Satan levels a charge against us, Jesus cannot advise us to plead "not guilty," nor will he try to defend us on some merits we have earned. He defends us on His merits.

What a comfort.

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