February 23, 2008

Could it happen today?

State Seal of South Carolina

The Charter of Carolina (1663) was granted by King Charles II to Sir William Berkeley and seven other lord proprieters. It stated:

Being excited with a laudable and pious zeal for the propogation of the Christian faith ... [they] have humbly sought leave of us ... to transport and make an emple colony ... unto a certain country ... in the parts of America not yet cultivated or planted, and only inhabited by some barbarous people, who have no knowledge of Almight God.

The Fundamental Constitutions of the Carolinas (1663) was draw up at the request of Sir William Berkeley and the other proprietors of the colony. It stated:

No man shall be permitted to be a freeman of Carolina, or to have any estate of habitation within it that doth not ackowledge God, and that God is publicly and solumnly to be worshiped.

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