December 19, 2013

Greetings from Chuck

I must admit, when Jean Claude Van Damme did the split between two trucks Volvo commercial (see video to the right), I was pretty amazed. After all, I had always known that Jean Claude Van Damme was no big deal. The real tough guy has always been Chuck Norris. So I knew that although Van Damme might be creative, if Chuck Norris ever did the same stunt, he’d probably be doing it on wild boars or whales or something.

Well... I was wrong. Chuck Norris doesn’t ride on the backs of wild boars—that would be far too cliché.

Chuck Norris doesn’t ride on the backs of whales—a fall into the water is not scary at all.

Chuck Norris must ride and present his Merry Christmas greeting at the same time, so everyone can see how simple this all is for him. And Chuck Norris must ride on...

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