April 06, 2011

It hurts so good

The over-achieving exercise junkies used to drive me nuts with statements such as, “it hurts, but it’s a good pain.” Who would have ever thought I’d be echoing their sentiments.

I recently posted a Facebook status message of I think I’m becoming an endorphin addict to let everyone know how much I was enjoying my new exercise routine. So today, when the rush of good feelings hit me toward the end of my workout I decided to look up endorphins and see if what I had said actually made any sense... it did!

Why I am enjoying exercising

Endorphins ("endogenous morphine") are endogenous opioid peptides that function as neurotransmitters.

They are produced by the pituitary gland and the hypothalamus in vertebrates during exercise, excitement, pain, consumption of spicy food, love and orgasm....


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