March 08, 2011

Back on track?


ccountability is a very important thing! And I need to make sure I’m at least holding myself accountable. But maybe you can hold me accountable too. Today is Step 1.

Two weeks ago I began to turn my focus toward improving health and improving myself. I wrote about it on March 3rd [The old fat guy in the mirror]. Along the way I have buckled down, gotten back to the basics.

I’ve called my parents once and chatted with them on instant message twice since March 3. I’ve looked for ways to pay attention to my family and we are planning some special times together. I’ve reached out to tell true friends how much I love and appreciate them. And I have quit using elevators in my office building. I walk the stairs now. I’m eating appropriate foods in appropriate amounts (I think). And I am taking long walks around the neighborhood every day—with the family when they want to go and by myself at other times. I even pulled out my bike and rode for about 45 minutes this past Saturday.

Results: Today I weighed in at the doctor’s office and I have lost 20 pounds in the past two weeks! Praise God!

My next goal is another 20 pounds in the next month. By April... another 20 pounds of weight loss. Pray with me—and I’ll keep working at it.



  1. woo hoo! way to go -- I have some catchin up to do!! I'm proud of you.

  2. Thanks, Mary. I'm quite excited myself. I just now got back from about an hour's walk around the neighborhood - up and down somewhat steep hills. I took pictures along the way for a "Color Purple" update. I'll post them soon.

  3. Wow! I'm impressed! I would be ecstatic to lose that much in two weeks.

  4. I am ecstatic. But I have a lot to lose. Percentage-wise, it's not all that much.


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