March 03, 2011

The old fat guy in the mirror


’m not quite sure how it happened, but I suddenly realized this year that I am old. Or, perhaps, I’m about to become old.

It’s now March. Back in January I began grappling with a thought that I have not been able to put into words. Not because this thought is so difficult to express. Not because it’s a particularly profound thought. But simply because I hated hearing it. I hated admitting it. I hated realizing that half a century has passed me by and I have done far too little flower smelling.

Well... it’s far past time to wake up and smell the coffee. (I may be old, but I can still stick a coffee metaphor in just about anything I write!)

This year I will turn 50 years old. By the age of 30, Jesus had turned the world upside down. Well, perhaps comparing myself to Jesus isn’t wise in this current context. But Justin Beiber is around 12 years old and he has more fans and more enemies than I can imagine.

So... it’s time to buckle down. It’s time to stop hoping for what may happen in the future. As a long-forgotten Redskins coach used to say, “The future is now!”

I am beginning a new thing this year. I’m getting more exercise, eating better, focusing more consistently on tasks at hand, loving more friends, rejecting false friends, calling my parents more, paying attention to my family more, stopping to notice the color purple more, regretting my shortcomings less. And I’m laughing more, crying more, and speaking up when it is needed more. And I’m holding my tongue more when that is needed.

Not a New Year’s resolution. A return to basics. A tune-up. A swift kick in the pants. A poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Whatever it takes.

My office building –
taken this morning as I was out looking for the color purple



  1. Very good thoughts. A good reminder to all of us, no matter our age. I too (at 43) am beginning to have the same thoughts.

  2. A Michael Jackson song came to mind when I read the title of this post. And it seems to fit!

    Love you brother, and I'm praying for you. Hopefully after graduation I can get back some time to do my messaging!! Miss you!

  3. Arlene Coulter3/03/2011 1:09 PM

    Good stuff there, Rich. Sure do enjoy peeking inside your brain now and then!

    And, WOW, what a beautiful lady you've featured in your header. Is she a friend of yours or a random customer at a favorite coffee shop?

  4. Thanks, Arlene. I don't know if it's wise to peek inside my brain - but maybe it's entertaining anyway. :)

    Sophia (the lady in the header) is a coworker of mine. I took that picture an open-air patio at our office that connects our office building to the hotel next door. Sophia was born and raised in Ethiopia, then moved to Greece for three years before moving to the United States about 20 years ago. I'll share your comment with her. I think it will make her happy.

    I'll reiterate all of this when I post the new blog header--probably this weekend. I already have one prepared. It's one of the photographs of my office building that I took this morning.

    "Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things."
    Philippians 4:8


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