January 01, 2011

Stuck In Customs


logs have lost their luster in the cyber world. Just a few years ago everyone who wanted to have an online presence did it by blogging. Now Facebook has become the online forum of choice and blogs have dropped off of many people’s radar screens.

This is a good thing.

When a forum is as popular as Facebook is currently, or as popular as blogging was two or three years ago, the general quality drops to an unacceptably low level. So many people are using the medium that the overall quality suffers greatly.

So with fewer people now blogging, I believe the blogosphere has matured and should now be a good source for information and communication. I know—that concept runs completely counter to the prevailing view. That’s okay. I’ve always been strongly counter-cultural. Why stop now?

And so... this year I am going to try to recommend the good blogs and web sites I find to help those of you who want to find the gems out there.

And, on this first day of the new year, I will make my first blog recommendation:

Stuck In Customs


This consistently mind-blowing photography blog is one of my mainstays. I visit this blog almost daily. Author Trey Ratcliff [Facebook Fan Page] is an expert at HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography. His blog was the launching point for my foray into HDR photography and his reviews of HDR software helped me determine which software I eventually chose (Photomatix Pro).

I have found that simply viewing the work of other photographers can greatly improve my own photography. So I highly recommend to all my photographer friends out there: Stuck In Customs. I think you’ll love it.

Here are a couple of Trey’s amazing photos:


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