January 01, 2011

Blog Header - January 1, 2011

Today is January 1, 2011. This begins the fourth year that I have posted a new photo as the blog header at least once per week. I enjoy the challenge of making photos work in the wide, panoramic-style cropping. It keeps me on my toes and it motivates me to continue taking pictures for this use.

The header above was a picture I took during the heavy snows in the early months of 2010. This particular shot is the view from our bedroom window. This was on a sunny morning after we had gotten quite a few feet of snow. I thought it would serve as a good blog header for the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

It will be interesting to see what God has in store for us during this new year. I know there will be many growth opportunities. I hope that this time I will just learn the lessons and get on with life. I tend to be a slow learner who must be taught the same painful life lessons over and over again. Perhaps my New Year’s resolution should be to learn it right the first time.

Happy New Year!


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