August 08, 2010

Warren County Fair – Molly Hatchet Rocks!!


e went to the Warren County Fair yesterday and had a blast! This is such a wonderful place to live. We love the small-town feel. We love the intensely southern culture (a Yankee would probably disintegrate just by crossing the county line). And we love the wonderful events that are put on every few weeks by the town or the county. It’s truly a wonderful place to live.


Before continuing this post, scroll down to yeseterday’s post, turn up the volume on your computer, and launch the video. Then, while the song is playing, come back up here and read this post. The song will put you in the right frame of mind.

The Warren County Fair lasted a full week, but working in DC kept me from being able to attend until yesterday. But what a great day to go to the fair. It was a beautiful day—not too hot, relatively low humidity, clear skies with a few clouds that increased in the evening just in time to make the sunset beautiful. I noticed it first as we made our way toward the band shell to get ready for the concert of the evening—Molly Hatchett. It was a great concert. I’ll tell you a bit more about it. But first, read the Attention callout. You simply have to read the rest of this post with the proper musical setting engaged.

Beautiful sunset just before the Molly Hatchet concert

The day began with a uniquely southern-country event, a truck and tractor pull. It was loud. It was dusty and dirty. It smelled of fossil fuels. And it was a total blast. David was grinning ear to ear for about three hours straight. At one point he said to me, “this is my kind of loud.” He’s right. He even got to talk to a few of the truck owners.

One of the trucks pulling the sled
Another truck – from the opposite end of the track
The after-effects of the truck pass

Although David spent some time after the truck and tractor pull riding the rides, I went straight to the band shell to set up our lawn chairs and get ready for the Molly Hatchet concert. I was excited to see this band again after 31 years. (Molly Hatchet played the first rock concert I ever attended—at Kings Dominion.) And it was worth the wait. Molly Hatchet is a fantastic band and they sound better now than I remember them sounding at that concert 31 years ago. The bass player was fantastic! Of course, I didn't play bass guitar when I was in high school, so I probably didn’t pay a whole lot of attention to the bass player at that concert.

Rythm guitarist
Lead guitarist
Lead singer
Bass guitarist
All together (except the drummer)

It was a great day and we had a wonderful time. We’re so glad God brought us to this town. It’s a great place to live.

Having fun in the audience

More pics from the fair


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