August 07, 2010

Party in Front Royal –Tonight!


The year I graduated from high school. One of the highlights of that year was Senior Night at Kings Dominion. Each year, Kings Dominion would shut down early, get the park ready and then reopen only for seniors. They always brought in a great rock band for the finale of the evening, which ended at about 3:00 am in 1979.

The band for our senior year was Molly Hatchet—and they were awesome. It was an incredible concert.

Warren County Fair

Today is the last day of the Warren County Fair. Each night of the week-long fair in this uniquely southern town, a southern band ends the day with a concert. Tonight is the last night and they saved the best band for last. Tonight the finale will be Molly Hatchet. Front Royal is going to party tonight! And we’re gonna be there! Kim has even invited a friend of hers from high school, so it will seem like old times—except for the fact that we probably won’t stand and jump around as much as we did 30 years ago.

Molly Hatchet


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