July 09, 2010

Energized electorate


uring the last presidential election cycle I found myself completely uninterested in the whole process. I saw a group of career politicians—each claiming their own unique political designation—and they all looked the same to me. They looked like distant, unaware tyrants seeking power, wealth, and fame with the target of surreptitiously forcing their agenda on the American public whether they liked it or not. And if the surreptitious part didn’t work, they quite likely would just dump the spin and platitudes and force their will on the nation through clout and bullying.

I was almost completely uninterested in participating in that election...until Sarah happened.

Sarah Palin’s new ad reminded me of how she energized not just me but the entire Conservative base, which was disgusted by the nomination of John McCain. I hope the people of the United States are ready to make a correction and to recover from the huge error of the 2008 presidential election.

Go Sarah!



  1. I am so encouraged by Sarah Palin. She is indeed a breath of fresh air. My husband read her book. What made me so mad in 2008 was all the liberal Christians were telling me Palin had no experience, as though junior senator Obama had experience.

    And Palin was running for VP not the Presidency.

    Palin is fortunate to have the alternate sources of media now to get her message out. No matter how much they try to "Bork" or "Dan Quayle" her, it isn't going to work. She's an amazing fighter who proves she lives out her convictions.

    And I'm glad that creep who deserted Bristol finally apologized for the lies he told about their family.

    Pink Elephants, here we come! ;-)

  2. How well I remember those anti-Palin rants from folks who claimed that they were Palin supporters until they did research. I wonder how many of them are happy with their 2008 vote now.

    Regarding Bristol Palin's boyfriend: Now that he has admitted to his slander, I think charges should be brought against him. What a slimey piece of work he is.

  3. I agree, but it would be like trying to get blood out of a stone, though. I don't believe he's made that much from whatever appearances he's made to make suing him worth it.

  4. Well, as of this morning, charges would be rather awkward, since Bristol announced that she and Levi are getting married after all!

  5. You're misunderstanding what I'm saying here, Lynn. I don't think the Palins should do anything. I think the authorities should press criminal charges against him for his admitted crime. His public admission, based on the fact that he got back together with Bristol - apparently, makes it quite an easy case to prosecute and might make others think twice before committing slander and being complicit in libel.

  6. Bristol must be nuts. Dr. Laura needs to have a talk with her about stupid things women do to mess up their lives. Like marrying guys who crawled out from under a rock (as my mother used to say).

    But I thought the only thing you could do about libel/slander was a civil suit. Is it really something for which regular criminal charges can be brought? I never knew that.

  7. Richard, I had thought the only people who could have made such charges were the Palins, but admit I don't know how these things are done. Thank God, I've never had to consider these matters. I'm praying for Levi to truly turn around and be the husband and father that Bristol and their son needs, and that she will be a good wife and mother. And that's the best and only thing I can do for them.

  8. Slander is a misdemeanor and requires the victim to file suit, but libel is a felony and may be pressed by the authorities, if they actually desire to do so. They don't often go after libel unless there is a complaint by the victim, though.

    I, too, hope that Levi turns out to be a good husband, but I'm not expecting very good things. We heard on the news that Bristol and Levi are shopping around for a reality show. That's a sure way to ruin a marriage, even if it starts off on more solid ground than a teen pregnancy and a husband who poses for Playgirl and publicly slams the family because he's mad about the breakup.

    "Strange days, indeed."


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