March 06, 2010



hen I looked at this picture that I took from our front porch about a year ago, it reminded me of when my son was just a little guy. He loved the children’s TV show “Bear In the Big Blue House.” He even dressed as Bear one year for Halloween.

Bear had a lot of friends, including Tutter (the mouse), Ojo (the baby bear), and Luna (the moon). Luna was wise and grandmotherly. Bear used to go to Luna with his problems and concerns and Luna would give him comfortingly wise advice. My son loved Luna and quite often would talk to the moon when we were out at night. I guess some people might say this was looney. But we loved our little lunatic walking out the door of the house, looking up into the sky, and saying, “Hi, Luna.”

When we were still in Lynchburg this past spring, I noticed this huge and beautiful moon rising near the tree in front of our house. The moon looked huge in the sky just as dusk was beginning to set in. So I grabbed my camera and tripod and took this picture. The length of the exposure caused the tree leaves to blur as the wind moved them around. I think it just adds to the beauty of the scene.


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