March 07, 2010

Blog Header - March 6, 2010


e love the Maryland Renaissance Festival! Kim and I have been going to the festival since the year after we got married. So that means we have been going to the Maryland Renaissance Festival for more than two decades.

We took David the year he was born. I remember the teenager from our youth group pushing David around in his wheel chair that year. It really is loads of fun.

And it is one of the best places for photography I’ve ever seen. The people don’t mind that others are taking their pictures—in fact, they dress us special for the occasion, so they love to have their pictures taken. And the ones who dress up look great too.

I took the photo for this header banner a couple of years ago as we waited outside the festival for the gates to open. There are two stone lion statues flanking the main gates to the festival and this young lady jumped up to sit on the back of one of those lions. I took this picture and then her sisters and brother came running to have their pictures taken too.



  1. Sherry Harlan DeFrank3/08/2010 6:22 AM

    We've been there a couple of times! Too bad we didn't see you guys there!

  2. Cool, Sherry. We need to plan for the same day (or days). It would be great to see you there. Do you dress up? After 20+ years of attending the festival, we have a ton of outfits. David even wore a cape and hat as early as three years old.

    More pics here:


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