March 13, 2010

Blog Header - March 13, 2010

I love coffee! I love espresso! I love lattes! I love cappuccinos! I even love the beans. I’m a total coffee fanatic.

So when I added my blog’s title to the photo of this espresso machine it just seemed to be a perfect match.

Now I’m gonna go make some espresso.


  1. I think this is clever. Well done.

  2. I"m sitting here having a cup of coffee and a muffin and reading your blog about coffee. It don't get any better than that! Thanks for the return visit to my blog.


  3. Haley - nothing prettier than a fresh brewed espresso with a thick crema ... mmmmmmmm

  4. all I had was drip coffee with creamer. I want you to come down and make me a real cup of coffee!!

  5. You got it, Mary. It's a deal. I promise to make you a super good latte as soon as we get together. You deserve it for putting up with me - even virtually.


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