March 10, 2010

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Skyline Drive rocks & snow

This past weekend our good friend, Tyler, visited from Lynchburg. He asked if there was anything we missed about Lynchburg and I quickly responded with, “the White Hart Café and the Lynchburg Market.” But there are a few other things we miss about Lynchburg, and this header photo is of one of those things we really miss—the Black Water Creek Trail.

The photograph doesn’t show the trail itself, but just a bird house that decorated one of the park areas along the trail. But this trail was one of the most scenic and pleasant walking and biking trails I have ever seen. And it was just a couple miles from our house, which made it wonderfully convenient. My son and I rode this trail regularly.

Tyler on Skyline Drive

Now we live in Front Royal, and we are about two miles from the entrance to Skyline Drive—one of the most beautiful tourist drives in the world. And we love driving along Skyline Drive and enjoying the scenery. In fact, I took Tyler to Skyline Drive to get a glimpse of the beauty—at least the beauty of the snow and the small glimpses of the distant scenery whenever a gap in the high walls of snow allowed a peek. It is breathtaking scenery, but not a great place to ride a bike if you’re as out of shape as I am.

We praise God that he moved us to Front Royal at this time, but there were some wonderful people in Lynchburg and some wonderful things about Lynchburg that we truly miss.

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