February 07, 2010

To be or not Tebow

The news coverage of the Focus on the Family/Tim Tebow Super Bowl advertisement has been appalling—even from the more conservative FoxNews Network. The pro-abortion people interviewed for the story have been allowed to level inappropriate ad hominem attacks against Focus On the Family. They have called Focus anti-choice (in spite of the fact that the commercial is celebrating one woman’s choice), un-American, and unpatriotic—all because Focus On the Family is celebrating the choice that allowed Tim Tebow to become a great football player and the 2007 Heisman trophy winner.

If the “pro-choice” crowd is allowed to define pro-lifers with these derogatory terms, should the pro-life people be able to define them as pro-murder, anti-family, and selfish liars?

Full-sized cartoon.

So, here’s the ad that is causing all the problem and all the anger from the “pro-choice” crowd. Can anybody tell me what is so controversial and offensive about this ad?


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