June 20, 2009

Roger Rabbit - revisited


t has been quite some time since I’ve posted any photos of our delightful pet cottontail rabbit. Roger has been in our family for 14 months ever since David rescued him as a newborn baby bunny. We think he was the runt of the litter. He’s still pretty small even though he’s now full grown.

Since Roger knows and trusts us so well, we get to see him do things that I don’t think most people ever get to see wild cottontail bunnies do.

During hot weather, Roger likes to stretch his body out to cool it down. We've seen other bunnies do that in our backyard in the shade under one of our big trees. But since Roger is nocturnal, he needs to sleep during the day. So in the warm weather, he stretches out to cool down and then falls asleep. His head gets lower and lower until his chin rests all the way down on the bottom of the cage.

In the picture here, Roger just woke up (because I picked up my camera to take this picture), but he has not yet raised his head up or gotten up on his feet. I just had to share this picture with everyone. He’s just so adorable!

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  1. I like hearing about Roger! Thanks for this update.


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