June 19, 2009

Toto’s Africa

They say music is the universal language. This performance by an acapella choir from Slovenia makes me understand that statement. From their web site:

When the voice becomes the instrument...
... and when the instrument becomes the voice, you hear the beat of fresh rhythms and close harmonies of Perpetuum Jazzile. Our repertoire would not be OURS without the typical Brazilian bossa nova, swing, close harmonies, funk, pop and gospel.

Today, when music is moving into the digital sphere, WE are passionately returning it to the analogue!!"

This is phenomenal:

And Stevie Wonder’s “As”:


  1. I've done that rainstorm thing with lots of kids -- it's really neat, especially when you do it in a dark room with a flashlight for direction to change the hand motions. I have NEVER done the thunder, though. That was a totally amazing intro to the Rains in Africa

  2. I really love this group. I looked them up on YouTube and found quite a few performances. They were all outstanding. Most of the songs they sing are not really favorites of mine, but I love what they did with them. So I guess I like Perpetuum Jazzille's version better than the originals.

    Pretty cool.


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