March 28, 2009

John Rich - making sense

It amazes me that the people of our nation are not flooding Washington to decry the despicable things being perpetrated against them by the Obama administration. The daily discoveries of new ways the bailout money is being misused are piling up so quickly that it's hard to be surprised anymore.

I think John Rich is much more in touch with the common man in the United States than our government officials.

By the way - this video was not made by John Rich, so excuse the typos such as "tricle," instead of "trickle" and "DeNiro," instead of "denero."


  1. This is going to be a historical classic. Seriously. It reminds me of the music that came out of the Great Depression.

  2. I've seen John Rich on the news quite a few times recently and have been very impressed with his grasp on political philosophy. He's very intelligent, well-spoken, and he understands normal America.


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