March 07, 2009

God's beautiful earth

I love the change of seasons and see beauty in all of them. But sometimes I forget to look and appreciate.

Wild flowers that sprang up in
our yard this week.

The title of the movie "The Color Purple" comes from a simple phrase in that movie when a young girl walking through a field with a friend notices a small wild violet flower and stops to appreciate it. She tells her friend that she thinks God does not like it when we don't notice the color purple. Although in the movie it was phrased in a somewhat crude way, I think that concept has some truth in it.

God's glory and majesty are all around us in the world he has created to be our home.

With the economic picture becoming more and more bleak and the future of our nation resting in seemingly dangerously inept hands, I am tempted to forget that our God is in total control. We are to rest in him—to find our comfort in him, not in our economy, our savings, our government, or anything other than him.

Thomas Goodwin
The Gospel mentions not riches, honours, beauty, pleasures; it passes these over in silence, which yet the Old Testament everywhere makes promise of. They were then children, and God pleased them with the promise of these toys and rattles, as taking with them. But in the Gospel He has shown us He has provided some better things for us; things spiritual and heavenly.

And today God reminded me of his beauty, glory, and majesty. And he used the color purple to remind me that he is ultimately sovereign over all matters. He has truly created a wonderful world for us to live in. But our great hope and sure foundation is in the fact that our future will be so much better.

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  1. Purple, the colour of royalty. Appropriate and needed post. Thanks Richard.


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