March 08, 2009

Enjoying the warm weather

Last weekend we had snow on the ground—about eight inches of it. The high temperatures during the week seldom made it to the freezing mark and the nighttime temperatures were in the single digits and teens most days.

But then on Friday the weather began to get warmer. Friday evening we even sat out in the yard for a while while David rode his bike up and down the street. It was in the low 60s and we were glad for the little glimpse of warmth. I didn't realize how powerful the sun was until my skin began to feel tight. I now have a glowing complexion (glow-in-the-dark might be a better description of my skin right now). So it seems that we are headed out of winter and into spring. And none too soon, in my estimation.

Well ... that was just a sampling of things to come. Yesterday (Saturday) the high temperature was almost 80 degrees. The sky was clear and blue with some wispy clouds. A mild breeze blew most of the day. It was simply a fantastic day.

The flower I posted yesterday seemed to be reveling in the new warmth and sunshine after having received the watering of the melting snow. And we decided to go outside and enjoy God's hint of spring too. Kim and I sat in our Adirondack chairs and read while David rode his bike, played basketball and football, and climbed trees.

After a while, David decided that he wanted to read too, but in typical David fashion he found a very comfortable way to do it. He pulled his wagon to the side of the road, put a pillow on the wagon to make it more comfortable, and laid down in the wagon. He was all set with his book lying on the ground below his head and his tube of Pringles potato chips at the ready. What more could a teenage boy want?

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  1. I have a couple of kids who would LOVE to find that climbing tree -- and so would their dad. Me, I'll keep my feet as close to the ground as possible. David looks just a LITTLE happy.


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