February 02, 2009

Super Bowl Highlight Film

While everyone else is discussing and posting videos of their favorite Super Bowl highlight, I'm going to post this one. There were some amazing plays on the field. Both teams played well and the athleticism was impressive.

But Jennifer Hudson was awesome:


  1. Yes, for sure!! We were all impressed by her (she's an Avon spokesperson, too, so I was proud!)

    I thoroughly enjoyed the game last night. I really thought the cards had it, but was absolutely impressed when the Steelers ran away with it. It was one of the finest games I have ever watched!

  2. It was a good game, wasn't it? We really enjoyed it. And David, who is a huge Steelers fan, was quite happy when we reported the outcome to him this morning (at 5:00, when he woke up).

    Z zz zzzzz zz zzz!


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