March 01, 2009

Happy anniversary, Joe & Abigail

One year ago today our dear friends Joe and Abigail were married in the sight of God and in the presence of supportive friends and family who recognize God's gift of marriage and the importance of Christ as the foundation of marriage.

For the past year, the things proclaimed at their marriage ceremony have been actively played out in their lives before our eyes. Joe and Abigail are a wonderful couple and their marriage and their lives proclaim Christ clearly to the watching world.

If you're particularly curious about what was proclaimed at their wedding, read these.

They now have a 10-week old baby and are adding Christian parenting to their already full plate of new adventures.

Happy anniversary, Joe and Abigail!

By the way—this picture was taken at church this morning.


  1. That baby is just too too cute! What a dolly!

  2. She really is. She's one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen. Even the day she was born she was beautiful (as you can see here).


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