February 15, 2009

Another reason to love Lynchburg - E.C. Glass High School

Yesterday was Valentines Day. Yesterday was Saturday school for David. So we had a long and full day.

So we began the day by dropping David off at the school and then we headed down to the Lynchburg Market, where they were setting up for the annual Chocolate contest. People make amazing concoctions from chocolate and present them in an artistic way. The judges determine the winners based on the uniqueness of their presentation, the aesthetics of the presentation, the quality of the chocolate, and of course the taste. It was fun to see the displays.

After the market, we spent a few hours at our favorite coffee shop, and probably what has become our favorite place in all of Lynchburg—The White Hart. We even saw some friends from church at The White Hart this week. We're glad to see that more people are beginning to find out about this great place.

After our son finished his school activities, we went to another one of our favorite places in Lynchburg—the Depot Grille. This restaurant is housed in the old Lynchburg train depot from the early days of Lynchburg. It was a central railroad hub during the War Between the States.

The train station has been decorated in a true train station theme, with the rough hewn ceiling supports, wooden pew benches for seating, and large Norfolk & Western Railway signs. It’s a great place with wonderful atmosphere, but the best thing about it is the food. It’s fantastic!

Our waitress had colored her hair with intense pink highlights for Valentines Day, so David was quite impressed and, of course, flirted with her as she took our orders and delivered our food. And about four times during the meal he jumped up and ran to the door to watch another train go by. You just can't beat a restaurant with good food, great atmosphere, and a live train track.

After lunch, we headed to the high school David will be attending next year. This high school has a reputation for having one of the best drama programs in the nation. And they were presenting "Beauty and the Beast" live. We were excited to get a glimpse of David’s new school and for him to see how much different high school is than middle school. But we weren't expecting the amazing performance that we were treated to.

These teens were simply fantastic. The orchestra was very good. The props and sets were beyond belief. The dancing was precise and fluid. And the acting and singing was top-notch. We were thoroughly impressed and David is excited about going to school there next year.

Unfortunately, photography was not allowed during the performance. But as soon as the performance was over and the cast was taking its bows, I began shooting pictures. The picture below is of Belle and the Beast/Prince. You can see the incredible castle set that Belle is stepping from.

We continue to find more things that make us love this city. And we wish we could share it with everyone. But if everyone found out what a great city this is, they would all move here and it just wouldn't be Lynchburg anymore.

All in all, it was a great Valentines Day and we had a great time as a family.


  1. Wow, I am really impressed with that and wish I could have seen it, too. Thanks for sharing your day with us.

  2. you should go see ECG do ELLIS ISLAND this Thursday. It will be every bit as good!

  3. Thanks, Nick. I'll have to check that out. That Beauty and the Beast was phenomenal. Thanks for the heads up.


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