January 01, 2009

New Year's Resolution - The 10 Commandment Boogie

Okay, I don't know how the animation goes with the song, but the song's great anyway.


  1. My eldest found me a live performance video of this on-line and made me watch it. It was going through my head for days.

  2. "YOU CAN DO IT SO CAN I"?????????

    That's not what the Bible says.

    I CAN'T do it, the penalty for my total inability is death and eternal separation from God, and that is precisely why I need to be found in the Man, Christ Jesus, who IS the end of the Law, because *He* kept it perfectly.

    My conviction is that as believers, we are not under the 10 Commandments. The morality of the Ten Commandments is still in effect, but Sabbath keeping was a sign of the Mosaic Covenant. I do not believe that Sunday is the Sabbath; Saturday is, and we are not under the Law of Moses to keep the days that God commanded to the nation of Israel to keep. But the rest of the commandments apply across all time for all people.

    Please hear me -- that song was extolling the beauty and morality of the Ten Commandments, which is good, and it is also good that it was encouraging people to obey them (well, I disagree about the Sabbath). But the kicker is we can't, and that's why we have the Lord Jesus.

    I believe there are many people who are lost, who are trying to be kept by their own righteousness, and their belief that they've kept the Ten Commandments is a grave and deadly deception. Paul speaks of this in Romans in a couple places.

  3. Interesting take on the song, Lynn, and I thank you for your thoughts on it. I hadn't even considered it from that angle. And I think we would agree on most of what you've expressed here.

    I do think, however, that the 10 Commandments are a necessary teaching tool to show people the absolute fact of their inability. It was the law that showed us how very sinful we are. I have added a link to "The Way of the Master" to the sidebar of this blog in part because they use the Old Testament law to set the foundation for their presentation of the gospel.

    But this sort of a song is not intended to be a catechism. I wasn't particularly enamored of their interpretation of the commandment to experience "heaven, but only with your husband or wife." I think that view of sex is quite clearly a worldly view and not necessarily a biblical view.

    But that's okay. I still like the song. It's fun. Even though I agree that none of us can do it. Maybe they just meant that you and I can both sing the song, not obey the Commandments.

  4. I like the song, too, as far as it is catchy and causes people to think about the Ten Commandments.

    And, in truth, outwardly, I can keep the first nine, but as Paul said in Romans, once he was alive apart from law, but when the commandment came, sin sprang to life and he died.

    The commandment he cited was coveting, which is not an outward restraint, but an inward one.

    "I can't" is what I say when it comes to not coveting. I'm glad Jesus kept the law perfectly for me, because I just can't - and still can't.

  5. Lynn, your theology is good and our absolute inability is one of the most important things we all need to remember--especially when we are sharing the gospel with others. We can't convince them with carefully prepared persuasive rhetoric and they can't throw off sin or even "muster the faith" on their own. Salvation is of God. By grace alone, through faith alone, in Christ alone, to the glory of God alone.

  6. I was thinking about this one today in church. I read on another blog where a woman claimed she was pro-life, but voted for Obama. She's been a liberal for as long as I've been reading her posts online.

    Some other issues must be more important to her than the pro-life cause, I surmised, because law is always a tutor, and that includes laws for or restricting abortions.

    To endorse those who will undoubtedly try to provide tax money for that which she believes is morally reprehensible says to me she really must not care much about the pro-life cause that much. Because those she voted for and endorses will try to make the laws for abortion as free as possible, including having us all pay for them. And these laws silently teach that abortion is legal, therefore it is morally all right -- you are free to do it if you want to, for any reason.

    We learn what we may or may not do on account of the laws of our country.

    Paul uses the illustration of the law being a schoolmaster to bring us to Christ, that we were kept under Law until Christ accomplished all things for us.

    But law is still a tutor. That is its function.

    The Mosaic Law was a schoolmaster that none of us could live up to.

    Perhaps the song meant "you can boogie with me," not, "you can keep the Ten Commandments in your own strength," I'll grant them that.

    But on to Sunday -- I've known people who think that it's a sin to mow your lawn on Sunday afternoon. I used to think that way, but no longer. The way I think now is God wants His children to meet together regularly to encourage each other, and that one man is free to view a day as special, and another man is free to view all days alike. That is what the New Testament says about days. The NT says that Sunday is called "The Lord's Day," but made no regulations about it. And if the NT says that in this arena of days each person may do what is right in his own eyes, then there isn't a law about it any more.

    Acts chapter 15 is pivotal here - the Jerusalem council.


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