January 02, 2009

Another reason to love Lynchburg - the airport

My son has always loved trains, trucks, cars, and airplanes. He could sit for hours at a train station, just waiting for the trains to roll by. And he hoots and hollers, pumps his fists, and jumps up and down when a train rolls by. And he loves airplanes even more.

But airports don't allow people to stand on the edge of the runway and watch the planes land, taxi, or takeoff. Or do they?

Another reason that we love Lynchburg so much is the Lynchburg Regional Airport. While other airports send security after everyone carrying a camera, the Lynchburg airport has a hill seemingly designed to offer a good view of the runway for those who would like to enjoy watching or photographing. Or, in David's case, videotaping with his new digital camera that he got for Christmas this year.

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