January 28, 2009

More ice

David was really hoping that school would be canceled today, but no such luck. There was an hour delay and then back to school as usual. So at about 8:45 this morning I walked David down to the bus stop.

Of course, I took my camera along to capture some more of God's creativity. Although I don't like driving in snow and ice, I love to photograph it. Fresh fallen snow is one of the most beautiful images of purity I can imagine. And the results of frozen rain are fascinating.

The freezing rain continued throughout the night, so there's quite a bit more ice on the branches, grass, mailbox, and everything else than there was last night when I took the pictures for this morning's post. The weight of the ice had caused the limbs and branches to hang low, giving a completely new look compared to yesterday's early storm results.

The trees closest to our house have looser limbs and branches than the more tightly packed trees closer to the bus stop. There are also evergreen trees closer to the bus stop, so we were able to see more beauty in the diversity of God's creation.

David loves snow and ice. He especially loves eating them. So he kept munching on the branches as we walked past them and he waited for me to compose the various shots. When we got to the bus stop, David asked me, "Will the ice still be there when I get out of school? I want to eat more."

You'd think that would indicate that he's not a picky eater. But, alas, he is. Perhaps we should consider feeding him just frozen water.

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