January 29, 2009

Better kids media

Do you remember Veggietales? I remember about a decade ago when Veggietales was in its heyday that teens were having Veggietale parties—all-nighters (non slumber parties) with the Veggietales shows running non-stop for the duration. It was great stuff with a fantastic message for kids (and adults) in each show.

I was really disappointed when Veggietales was sold to a non-Christian company. The Veggietales that you see on Saturday morning cartoons now are nothing like the old shows with the great morals to the story, key bible verse applications, and prayer requests. They're now not a whole lot different from other cartoons like Fairly Odd Parents and Pokemon.

But Phil Vischer, the original Veggietales creator, is still trying to put out decent kids media. You can keep an eye on him and his progress at PhilVischer.com. And you can read his thoughts about why there may be a better alternative to Hannah Montana.

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