October 10, 2008

Blog Header - October 10, 2008

Three years ago we visited the wonderful Natural Bridge, right here next to Lynchburg, Virginia. As I was going through some of my photos today, I ran across this photo of the Natural Bridge Inn.

We were there in early July 2005 and we stayed in one of the cottages on the mountain top across the valley from the Natural Bridge Inn. Our visit to this fantastic place was sponsored by a pro-adoption organization my wife worked for at the time. The conferences the organization was putting on were held in the Inn. So we headed to the Inn early in the morning to eat breakfast before the conferences began.

The fog was heavy in the air and the place was absolutely gorgeous.

I wrote a little bit about Natural Bridge just after we visited. Read the post God of Wonders that I wrote in July 2005 about the amazing "Creation" presentation done at the bridge.

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