August 31, 2008

Why I'm overweight

Yeah, yeah. It's the Internet and I could pretend that I have the physique of Lance Armstrong and look like Mel Gibson. I could even pretend to be smart by plagiarizing smart people's articles, posting them here, and pretending they're my words. In fact, such activity might qualify me to be the Democratic Vice Presidential nominee—it worked for Joe Biden.

But then no one would actually know me. So as promising as the whole putting-on-a-mask concept may seem at times, reality seems the better course of action.

That being the case, I should probably admit that my wife's Rice Krispie Cones are not the true reason for my weight issues. My desire to eat such things because they're just so incredibly good is.

I hope all of you other husbands are jealous. Or you could just come to the Old Forest Road Baptist Church picnic tonight and scarf up a few of these things. They're amazing!

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