August 03, 2008

Sitemeter getting a little testy

So ... Friday night the people at Sitemeter screwed up. They updated their script codes and brought three-quarters of the Internet world to a screeching halt. This error on their part is excusable under the "everyone makes mistakes" clause. And I think most people would be glad to give them the benefit of the doubt.


Then Sitemeter responded to their screw up with this. I post it in its entirety here and ask Google to make their Analytics software real-time so none of us have to continue to use software from people who would prefer not to take responsibility for their actions.

Complete text from the Sitemeter link above:

Sitemeter somehow had some problems with IE7 last night, but it seems to be fully fixed (Impressive how fast the Sitemeter team jumped on this on a Friday night).

I must interject here. The only thing impressive is that Sitemeter would publicly state that it was impressive that they were willing to correct their own error. They knew about IE's compatibility issues with this particular scripting problem and yet did not account for that in their upgrade. So once they found out what they had done, of course they fixed it on a Friday night. If I leave a few commas out of a document and it is discovered on a Friday night, I fix it. (IT'S MY SCREW UP!!)


Before blaming Sitemeter, people should read this article. Seems like Mircorosfts’s [sic] IE 7 is a little buggy and is part of the issue.

However, Sitemeter already knew that. So this is not news and is a very poor excuse for Sitemeter's incompetence.

IE 8 shouldn’t have the problem, so use IE8 or even better, just use Firefox. Who uses IE anyways?

Answer: Almost everyone uses IE. Which is why those who run web sites and blogs have to consider IE first and Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc., second. That would go for anyone who purports to offer web services as well. Sitemeter should consider the 75% of the Internet browsing public (IE users) before the 10% of the Internet browsing public (Firefox users) if they want to give the impression that they know what they're doing.

Shame on Sitemeter. Get it together folks. Own up to your own errors and stop whining. A mistake is acceptable. Blaming others is not.

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