August 06, 2008

God's wondrous creativity

I am continually astounded by the beauty God has surrounded us with. Our little pet wild jackrabbit is so adorably cute that we can't help but watch him closely when he's doing his various "bunny" things. I am regularly struck with how different he is than other pets I have had. And that has caused me to appreciate anew God's wondrous diversity in nature.

This past weekend we were trimming the bushes in front of our house. Although the lack of rain has put a damper on the lawn, the bushes are robustly growing. And the bush trimmings were long overdue.

As my wife trimmed one of the bushes, I noticed the beautiful tiny flowers scattered among the bush's leaves. They are not obvious at quick glance. In fact, it would be quite easy to overlook them. But on close inspection, I saw these wonderful flowers and grabbed my camera.

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