August 18, 2008

The elusive search for control

As the debate over whether man's will is free or bound has been fought desperately and sometimes bitterly for hundreds of years. It seems to me that through the benefit of the Holy Spirit's guidance Christians should be the last people to claim any sort of autonomous free will on the part of man. But we still long to control that which we cannot control.

Today I ran across an interesting quote from an early follower of Sigmund Freud. Freudians are worshipers of science, which tries to place everything in known boxes in order to facilitate man's control of the world. But in spite of that high reverence for science, Ernest Jones said:

We are beginning to see man not as the smooth, self-acting agent he pretends to be, but as he really is, a creature only dimly conscious of the various influences that mould his thought and action, and blindly resisting with all the means at his command the forces that are making for a higher and fuller consciousness.

It seems even Freudians have an understanding that man's will is not totally free.


  1. I just wanted to pop in and say "We miss you Richard!!!"


  2. Thanks, Cally. I've had a busy couple of weeks but should be back in the swing of things soon.


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