July 29, 2008

Photoshop fun

You might remember this photo from my recent pizza and friends post. I really liked this photo of our friend Abigail, who is currently pregnant with her first baby.

I love black & white and I love moody portraits. Abigail was actually not moody at all in this photo—she was actually preparing her pose and the photo I took after she got set shows her with a big smile on her face. But I snapped the shutter before she got set and really like the expression on her face in this photo. I think it fits best in black & white and the added grain shown here emphasizes the personal intimate nature of this portrait.

In fact, I like this final product so much I'm going to ask Abigail to pose for me again with the intention of getting a photo like this—but on purpose this time. With her permission, I'll post it when we get it done.

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