July 29, 2008

Blog Header - July 29, 2008

Today's blog header is a photograph of Thomas Jefferson's wine cellar at Poplar Forest. The sign in the lower right corner displays a quote from one of the letters Jefferson sent along with supplies he was having carried to his Poplar Forest home. The sign says, "And a box of wine to be placed in the cellar as it requires a cool place."

Thomas Jefferson had amazing influence on our nation—that is well-known by most Americans. But he also had tremendous impact on the sciences, architecture, philosophy, and many other things.

One of the things Jefferson impacted most in the state of Virginia is viticulture—vineyards and winemaking. Some of the best Virginia wines are directly descendant from Thomas' Jefferson in some way. Williamsburg Winery, Barboursville, Rivanna, and others all were owned by Jefferson or contain grape vines that were given to the owners by Jefferson.

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