July 09, 2008

Oh for the good ol' hip-hugger days

I'm getting old ... obviously. I remember that when I was in my teens my parents were quite distraught about the hip hugger jeans that many of my friends wore. My sister was forbidden to wear them. I remember thinking that my parents' objection to that style of pants was because they thought it was immodest. But I also remember them telling me that it simply looked bad.

But now I'm old a decrepit—apparently. And I see things around me that drive me nuts with the way the young people dress. I'm especially concerned with the inane saggy pants look that my son seems to love so much. We regularly have to tell him to pull his pants up so that we don't have to look at his underwear. And, just like my parents used to say, it is not because it is immodest or sensual or anything like that. It just looks STUPID!! (Did I yell that loud enough?)

Finally I see that some people are doing something about this. I hate to say it, but I fully applaud the fact that the Flint Police are cracking down on saggy pants. I truly hope that this fad goes away soon. Although I hate to think what the next fad will be. If it's much worse than this I may need to start my own fad—eyeball piercing.


  1. Oh, ICK, Richard! I would hate to do that girl's laundry! Blech! ;-)

    I bowl on Monday nights but I have never seen ANYTHING like those bowling pants! LOL

    I might have seen it on a plumber a time or two, though.

    Actually, I see many male butt cracks. I don't know if they just don't know that they are showing themselves or that their pants don't fit right but it is hard to stifle the laughter of my little children when we are sitting or standing behind some man vertically smiling at us!

    It is time to crack down on this issue! :-)

  2. Crack down on this issue. Without getting overly anal, you've butted the proper standard right up against this problem.

    I think men just don't care, for the most part. I, however, pull on the back of my pants regularly if I'm wearing a t-shirt (not tucked in) and sitting in an open back chair in church. I can't stand the idea of anyone having to look at that. It' tough enough on my wife to have to see parts of me that no one else has to look at (my feet and such, of course -- what were you thinking?).

  3. Richard, thank you so much for the lovely photos.

    I am old now, too. And I would have died before I would have been caught with my pants down like that.

    Hip-huggers were all the rage when I was in college and we word these cute tops with them that had a snap crotch...kind of like onesies for college girls. We would have died to have bared our skin.

  4. I remember those things you described. My sister wore those. The other benefit of those being that your shirt stayed tucked in even though the pants had a low waistline.

    Those really are pretty appalling photos, aren't they? I'm glad I could share them with you.

    [insert evil grin smiley here]


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