April 13, 2008

Blog Header - April 13, 2008

This week's header photo was taken about 10 years ago during a senior portrait session for our pastor's daughter. Suzanna and I went all over the place to get a variety of senior portraits. This dirt road was actually very close to her house. As she walked to get into position for the photo, I noticed the nice backlighting and took this picture of her walking down the road.

Unfortunately, this road is now paved and lined with houses on each side. There are very few trees left and the grass has been replaced by sod.


  1. Beautiful picture! It reminds me of someone going through life.

    Btw, I saw your endorsement of End of the Spear. I did not see the movie, but my husband read the book to me, and I recommend it highly. We sobbed through much of it, including when Steve Saint lost his precious grown daughter to a brain aneurism.

    He is no stranger to being robbed by death, and he lives to preach the gospel.

  2. I listened to a lecture/sermon/testimony that he gave at one of John Piper's conferences. It brought me to tears too. What an amazing man!

    If you decide to get the movie "The End of the Spear," look for the two-pack containing the documentary, "Beyond the Gates of Splendor." It's absolutely fantastic. Much of it right from the mouths of those who lived through it (wives, children, siblings, etc.)

  3. I saw the documentary already. All that's left is the movie.

    One thing about the book is I'm glad he set the record straight as to the motivation for the murders of the 5 missionaries. The bottom line is they were not mistaken for cannibals; they were pawns in one of their tribal conflicts.


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