February 24, 2008

Blog Header - February 24, 2008

This week's photo is of a church in Keswick, Virginia. On one of my regular jaunts between Lynchburg and Washington, DC, I was driving past this church just as night was falling. The gorgeous architecture was made all the more beautiful by the spotlights and the dusk lighting in the sky. I had to stop to take a picture.

The slow shutter speed required to capture this photo would have made hand holding the camera impossible and I did not have any of my tripods in the car with me at the time. But, fortunately, my wife had her small calapsible video camera tripod in her purse. It's not particularly steady for a single lens reflex camera with a large lens attached, but I managed to get quite a few good pictures taken before the priests in the rectory noticed I was there and lights began turning on to scare off the intruder.

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  1. Hi Richard,
    Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog tonight. I appreciate your visit.

    I've used lots of makeshift things when I didn't have a tripod handy. A fence, the hood of the car, a pile of rocks...anything reasonably steady works well.

    Very nice photo of the church.


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