April 25, 2007

Yes, Herman, Evil does exist

Virginia Tech Shooting

© Kimberly Gelina

The massacre at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia, has had an incredible impact on the people I live and work with. This terrible event reminds us all that there truly is evil in this world and when God removes his finger of restraint for just a moment, we are given a snippet vision of hell. Rejection of God has unimaginably terrible results.

My wife Kim photographed the children of the Virginia Tech teachers and staff a few months prior to the shooting. Yesterday she visited the campus to see how the workers at the Child Development Center were dealing with the aftermath. While she was there she took a few pictures of the students and the tributes to the fallen.

Kim was impacted by the outworking of faith in Jesus Christ that she saw among some of the students there at the Va Tech campus.

© Kimberly Gelina

The photo to the left is of two students playing their guitars and singing praise to God out on the campus sidewalk. In this photo, the students were singing "Thank You For the Cross." It brought tears to my wife's eyes to hear these students, so impacted by the worse mass-murder shooting in American history living out their faith in Jesus Christ and proclaiming to the other students the only way to find healing.

The photo below shows a car parked in a student parking lot there at Va Tech. The slogan written on this car window makes a good point, worded in a collegiate way that may get some of the other students thinking about the importance of being prepared not only for life, but also for the afterlife.

© Kimberly Gelina

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