April 24, 2007

New Planet - It just might be like earth

The Daily Mail reported the news of a newly discovered planet that just might possibly be similar to earth. In the scientific community, where nothing can be promoted, accepted, or even theorized about without substantial proof, there is a clamor over a planet that "may support life."

The article begins with a flight of fancy that shows how excited the scientific community would be if they found on an planet outside our solar system what they have sought so hard to find on earth with no success—evidence of evolution.

The article begins with this fantastical description of the newly discovered planet:

It's got the same climate as Earth, plus water and gravity. A newly discovered planet is the most stunning evidence that life - just like us - might be out there.

Above a calm, dark ocean, a huge, bloated red sun rises in the sky - a full ten times the size of our Sun as seen from Earth. Small waves lap at a sandy shore and on the beach, something stirs...

This is the scene - or may be the scene - on what is possibly the most extraordinary world to have been discovered by astronomers: the first truly Earth-like planet to have been found outside our Solar System.

The article goes on to discuss what astronomers call "exoplanets" or planets outside our own solar system. In spite of a total lack of evidence that this planet is anything at all like our earth, they are claiming that it might have the same temperature variations and range of earth, it may have similar gravity to earth, "it probably has a substantial atmosphere and may be covered with large amounts of water - necessary for life to evolve" [emphases mine]. Oh yeah, it also might have an atmosphere of some sort.

The article even makes this incredible statement: "This remarkable discovery appears to confirm the suspicions of most astronomers that the universe is swarming with Earth-like worlds." They have a suspicion that the universe is swarming with these planets even though after years and years of looking for them they have now found one that might possibly be somewhat similar to earth (maybe). Obviously the decades spent trying to find the ever-elusive missing link here on earth without success has propelled these people to science fiction fantasy. It's amazing the lengths folks will go to to ignore the Creator of the universe.

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