December 10, 2013

O Holy Night


hen I was in high school I played trumpet in the high school orchestra. My music teacher and orchestra conductor was Mrs. Rodgers, an outstanding cellist and composer/arranger. The Rodgers were a delightful family of four, having two daughters. Their daughter Lori has become something of a sensation as an incredible violinist.

Any of you who have ever tried playing the violin probably know what a difficult instrument it is. And once the budding violinist gets past the screeching sounds typical of newbies, there is still so far to go. Very few ever make it to the point where they can move people emotionally, but no class of instruments can move the emotions like strings. My favorite is cello... oh, how I love cello! But the violin comes in a close second. And Lori is a master.

And... a very cool sidenote... her husband is an outstanding photographer. Photography and music... how could a couple like that go wrong?

Here is my friend from days long ago playing the opening to a Singing Trees Christmas presentation. O, Holy Night... Lori Jean Smith:

And, some pictures Tim Smith has taken during Lori’s concerts (and other stuff):











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