August 06, 2013

Random Intentional acts of goodness


ometimes we need a boost to get us through the difficult times—just a small sparkle of hope, a small glimmer of kindness—to remind us that there is still good in the world. And if I let myself get too focused on the bad things going on around me, I just might miss those small glimmers.

But sometimes the glimmer isn’t just a glimmer. Sometimes the small spark of a glimmer builds into a huge explosion that captures everyone’s attention. And this is just such a story.

Yesterday a Wisconsin family visited the Milwaukee Brewers' Miller Park to enjoy a baseball game—complete with their three young children. And the act of kindness shown to them at that game is so heartwarming the story has been on the news, picked up on internet news radio, and the mom’s blog post [The Mystery Man at Miller Park] about what happened has gone viral. The story is so good and so heartwarming, I will say no more about it.

If you would like to have your faith in humanity restored, please go to the Arena Five blog and read the story. It will warm your heart!


  1. I definitely got a boost... and am grateful you chose to share a post you'd found as a blessing!

  2. I'm sorry it took me so long to publish your comment, Dixie. I've been on vacation for the past few weeks and haven't checked my blog a single time. Thanks for the comment. This story really touched my heart.


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