April 07, 2013

Stand in the gap–E.W. Jackson

Edmund Burke

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


ne of my first heroes from the world of politics was Irish statesman Edmund Burke. I initially took notice of Burke due to the quote at the top left of this post. As time has moved on I have found that this often-attributed quote may not have actually originated with Burke, but a quote from his Thoughts on the Cause of Present Discontents (1770) is even better:

“When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle.”

Until recent years, as I have watched our national leaders come and go—all seemed to be relatively good people at heart. Although I strongly disagreed with some of them in theory, I never doubted their desire to make our nation strong and to see her people succeed.

That is no longer the case. I believe many of our current leaders are bad men and bad women—intent on bringing this country to its knees for their own political gain and agenda. The bad men have combined, so the good must associate... else we will fall one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle, to quote Edmund Burke.

Our nation is at a crossroads and we cannot wait for the next presidential election. We must start to right our ship of state before it capsizes and destroys us all.

Here in Virginia we have an opportunity to make an impact, but time is running out. I am endorsing E.W. Jackson for Lieutenant Governor. But we need the Republican delegates to nominate him, so if you are equally moved by this man (you may learn more about him below) and are a Virginia resident, please consider becoming a delegate (you have until this coming Friday, April 12, to register as a delegate). Then, on May 18th, go to Richmond to participate in the nomination process. Virginia could use this man. Links are provided below the video.

And what does E.W. Jackson stand for?

The following is taken from Jackson’s web site:

Agenda to Inspire and Unite Virginia

As Lieutenant Governor, I will fight for policies that resist Washington and reign in Richmond. We must unleash the productive and creative capacities of our people to build, grow, and prosper. We need state leadership that will lessen the burden of government on our daily lives. Adherence to the principles of our state and federal Constitutions is the only way to protect the freedom of every citizen. The light of liberty burns dim today, but we will inspire and unite people from every corner of the Commonwealth to set freedom’s torch ablaze again. Virginians must lead the way. God will show us the way. Let Liberty Light the way.

Reassert the 9th and 10th Amendments

We must limit the federal government to its enumerated powers and reassert the rights of our citizens and the sovereignty of the state of Virginia.

Protect our 2nd Amendment Rights

While the second amendment specifically protects the right of an individual to “keep and bear” firearms, its purpose is deeper. That purpose is to protect our right to self defense. This is a fundamental natural right we are born with and no government has the authority to take that away. I will not only fight to stop any further efforts to infringe on this right, I will aggressively pursue eliminating the infringements that already exist.

Defend Religious Liberty

Obamacare is a Federal abuse of power which also violates the First Amendment by forcing individuals, businesses and religious organizations to act against their sincerely held religious beliefs. It must be resisted with all the legal and political force we can muster.

Demand a Taxpayer Bill of Rights

We must stop the unbridled growth of government in Virginia. A Taxpayer Bill Of Rights will limit the growth of state government and require permission from the people before exceeding certain prescribed levels of spending.

End Unfunded State Mandates On Local Governments

It is wrong for the state to make local residents financially obligated for policies they neither asked for nor approved. There must be a permanent ban on unfunded state mandates and a roll back of these burdens on local taxpayers.

Permanently Defund Planned Parenthood

It is an act of grave injustice to force citizens to pay for the destruction of unborn babies, whether through state or federal taxes. All funding for abortion and the organizations with provide them must be halted.

Fairness For Small Businesses In Virginia

State economic policy must foster small business, which hires most of our residents. Giving regulatory advantages and tax benefits to corporations over small businesses allows politics rather than the free market to pick winners and losers.

Promote Parental Choice in Education

Parental Choice in education is a liberty issue and a fundamental civil right. Virginia needs a Constitutional Amendment to recognize and establish the right of parents to determine where and how their children will be educated.

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