April 08, 2013

Rest in Peace — Annette Funicello


oday has marked the deaths of two very different, and yet very good women. I posted earlier about the death of Margaret Thatcher. And then just a few minutes ago I learned of the death of Annette Funicello—one of the original Mouseketeers.

I remember when Princess Diana and Mother Teresa died within days of each other. Many people wanted to draw contrasts and claim that one of them was the better role model than the other or had done more good than the other or impacted more lives in a more positive way than the other. I remember thinking that each of those impressive women were called to their own role in the world. Both of them were admirable and did much to improve the lives of the people they were compelled to help.

I think the same is true when thinking of the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello. Both of these women showed tremendous character. Both of them had a huge impact on the world. Both of them made our lives better.

Perhaps it would be best for us to simply remember them and be grateful for their short time in our lives.

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