April 22, 2013

Down fell an angel renegade

rom his Wikipedia bio:
Michael Hedges:

In late 1997, Hedges died at the age of 43 in a car accident along State Route 128 in Mendocino County, near Boonville (about 100 miles (160 km) northwest of San Francisco). According to his manager Hilleary Burgess, he was driving home from San Francisco International Airport after a Thanksgiving visit to a girlfriend in Long Island, New York. His car apparently skidded off a rain-slicked S-curve and down a 120-foot cliff. Hedges was thrown from his car and appeared to have died nearly instantly. His body was found a few days afterward. After his death, his record Oracle won the 1998 Grammy Award for Best New Age Album. Hedges' unfinished last recordings were brought to completion in the album Torched, with the help of his former manager Hilleary Burgess and friends David Crosby and Graham Nash.

And this is how this world lost in incredible talent of Michael Hedges who takes me to worlds away. He takes away the cares and scares of this world and ushers me into a land of music... the Fantasy genre of life.

Thank you, Michael, for your music.

The song posted at the top is from the album Torched, produced posthumously. Spring Buds...

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