February 27, 2013

Baltimore’s Inner Harbor

A few more photos from years ago...

An adult who helped David when he was just a young’un invited our family to an Orioles game at Camden Yards. We decided to make a whole day of it so we headed to Baltimore early in the day and spent hours enjoying the sites around Baltimore’s Inner Harbor. This picture of a very young David brings back wonderful memories. He was such fun!


  1. Your photos are professional looking. Do you do this for a living? Also in the bottom picture, at the bottom edge is a small child...silhouetted against a red reflection on the water. Nice capture!

  2. Thank you, Dixie. Yes, photography is part of my job and I have been doing professional photography either part-time or full-time for almost 30 years. These photos are from eight years ago. I was going through some old files and came across a few that reminded me of some fun times so I decided to post them.

    I'm glad you noticed the silhouette in that picture. I waited until the child walked in front of the reflected light to get that picture. It turned out better than I expected. :)

    I haven't been keeping up with this blog as I should. Since you like the pictures, I think I'll post a few pictures and videos from this past Sunday. We went to hear a young lady my wife works with perform her recital. She is absolutely fantastic! I can't believe she's a server at Applebee's instead of performing on stage for a living.


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