October 06, 2012

Worship In the Park - 2012

It’s fall!
and time for New Hope Bible Church’s annual Worship In the Park. This is a special event for us. This will be our third Worship In the Park. The first one was our first week attending New Hope Bible Church. And we have come to love this church.

Instead of gathering together to worship God in our church building, on this day we gather in a community park just down the street from our house. After the church service we have a huge picnic and fellowship with each other for a few hours while the young kids play on the playground equipment. It’s a great time of fellowship, praise, and worship of our great God.

I had the privilege of playing with the worship team last year. There’s something very special about playing worship music in an outdoor setting. But because our church has three worship bands I would not be playing again for two more years. Until I got a call from our worship leader last night. This year’s band had already practiced and was preparing for the event when the bassist’s pregnant wife went into labor (Congratulations!). So Jesse called me to see if I’d be willing to play with the band tomorrow.

I have been greatly blessed by God to be able to play with the great musicians he has brought to this church. I was so pleased to be asked to play this year and am looking forward to tomorrow’s event. Here’s the worship set for tomorrow morning:

No One Like You

The Power of Your Love


Forever Reign

One Thing Remains

Wrap Me In Your Arms

With Everything


  1. Nice. My favorite seems to be the last one. Thank you so much for posting these. In peace, Dixie

  2. Thank you, Dixie. Our worship in the park was rained out. But we had the service in our church building and then ate our picnic in the gymnasium afterwards. It was a great service.

    I really like that last one too. Yesterday was my first time playing that song.

  3. I posted the video to Facebook, but the entire blog post posted. Since I didn't ask prior permission, I deleted it until I ask... so can I post this? It will share your whole blog. Dixie

    1. Friend me... https://www.facebook.com/richgelina

  4. :) Thank you Dixie - Absolutely, you have my permission. And thank you for asking.


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