October 30, 2012

Politics... sheesh!

he presidential election cycles have always been a great source of stress and frustration to me. Negative campaigns and intentional lies create an unpleasant atmosphere and pit Americans against Americans. It’s like fighting a civil war every four years.

But this year President Obama has taken us to a new low. His actions as our nation’s leader have often been immature and crass and not worthy of the respect due his office. Four years of this have apparently emboldened his supporters and encouraged them to find the lowest possible ground on which to spread their lies, distortions, and rude behavior.

This first video is an appalling production put together by the advertising group responsible for the Got Milk? ad campaign. There is not one single tiny bit of truth in this video and they used children to give voice to these lies. And then on top of all the lies, they had the children say that they blame their parents for all of these incredible and false fantasies. If these children truly were the children of the future, they would be thanking their parents who voted against Obama for protecting their liberties and for protecting them from a socialist dictatorship.

The next video was produced and published by the president’s campaign. This video should be a tremendous cause for embarrassment, and would have been under any prior administration, but the Obama administration has stood by this ad and has even sent a follow-up fund-raising/get-out-the-vote email drawing attention to this ad and reminding young people that “voting is like doing it.”

Here’s the repulsive ad:

Of course, those who oppose the current administration have access to video equipment as well. Here are two responses to Lena Dunham: Your First Time:

Doc 2


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